Missy David BS, CD(DONA), CYBET

Missy David BS, CD(DONA), CYBET

Your Birth Experience starts with YOU.

What is your birth experience?


My name is Missy David, and I created Your Birth Experience Childbirth Training Curriculum for YOU. Since 2007, I have walked alongside many women and families as a Birth Doula as they prepare for and face one of life's most monumental experiences: childbirth. Over those years I began to see a need among expectant parents and the professionals that serve them. Something was missing, so I set out to figure out what it was and fill the gap.

What's missing?

With each new client, I had a new task of figuring out what she needed for birth and providing her with necessary resources. What I realized as I picked and pulled from various resources and childbirth methods trying to meet the needs of my clients is that the system is flawed. Every time it had to be tweaked and adjusted for the individual. Do you know what's missing in the available childbirth preparation methods? I do. It's YOU.



Your Birth Experience is not a method of childbirth. It's a paradigm shift. Childbirth is going to happen whether you like it or not; there's no such thing as perpetual pregnancy! I can't tell you how to do it or what the "best" plan of attack is, because I'm not YOU. What I can do is inform you of what can happen, what your options are, and train you to be able to handle anything that comes your way.


What I do is get to the heart of YOU, because you are the one embarking on this beautiful journey of birth. What makes YOU unique? What do YOU really want out of the birth experience (not what others want for you, or what you THINK you SHOULD want)? Most importantly, how are YOU going to cope with and react to the things that happen in your body and around you? Knowing this will help us discover what will be most satisfying to YOU, your partner and your family.

the basics and the possibilities

There are a lot of variations of birth and things don't always go as planned. If you know the basics, you can easily identify complications and develop a strategy to get things back on track. But most importantly, this is YOUR birth, YOUR baby, and YOUR experience. There are few moments in life that are seared into our memories like birth, and my job is to ensure that your experience is a positive one, regardless of whether or not things go as planned. There are endless possibilities to make Your Birth Experience special, and it doesn't have to look like anyone else's. Let's dig in and discover what's in store for YOU.