Benefits of Your Birth Experience™

I absolutely love being able to offer YBE classes to my clients. It’s fun and easy to teach and really helps me get to know my clients and their birth goals better. And my clients love that they can get all of their needs met in one place. Because this curriculum is fully customizable, they receive exactly what they want without wasting time in a class that doesn’t apply to them—I love being able to give that to them!
— Megan Gaspar, YBE Childbirth Educator

focus on you

While "natural childbirth" or "evidence-based information" may have held the answers for others you know, your path will look different because YOU are different. By exploring guided visualization, 5 aspects of control, individual needs based on personality styles and availability bias in medical decision-making, we are able to help you identify what birthing options will feel most gratifying to you.

Focus on the essentials

Even the "experts" don't know everything, and you shouldn't feel like you have to become one in order to have a positive birth experience. The most predictable thing about childbirth is its unpredictability! If you understand the essential components of the birth process, we can equip you with tools to help you learn in the moment and have confidence to go with the flow of expected and unexpected variations.


prepare for what matters

Gone are the days of "hee-hee-hoo" breathing and cookie cutter coping techniques. We take a fresh look at nutrition, exercise, writing a birth plan, body balance and relaxation so you can prepare in ways that actually work for you!

resources you can trust

It's good for you to learn about your options and rights in childbirth, but it can be overwhelming trying to find reliable, un-biased information. We discuss interventions and options in plain language share risks and benefits without judgement, and empower you with collaborative communication skills so you can engage your trusted care provider to create an informed plan of actiaon.