What Can I Expect?

Your Birth Experience Free Consultations

Free consultations are our way of getting personal and assessing your unique needs and desires to help you find the right path to prepare and equip you for your birthing. If you're looking for birth classes in Tulsa, schedule your free consultation today!

Missy David

what can you expect from your ybe professional?

  • Professionalism and Preparedness
  • Knowledge and Resources
  • Compassion and understanding for your unique circumstances
  • Un-biased, non-judgemental attitude for your birth decisions



  • Opportunity to see the Your Birth Experience Parents' Guide
  • Your CYBE professional will spend time listening to you, acknowledging your concerns and needs.
  • Your CYBE professional will walk you through to topics included in YBE and how the process works moving forward. 
  • Your CYBE professional will include a detailed breakdown of her various private and group classes, as well as other services she provides. These services may include doula, lactation, parenting, placenta, massage, yoga, essential oils and a variety of other childbirth related fields.