What I Learned from Eddie Vedder about Birth and Business Plans

Here's our #sorrynotsorry pic we sent to my husband as he was missing the epic-ness of our experience.

Here's our #sorrynotsorry pic we sent to my husband as he was missing the epic-ness of our experience.

On October 8th, 2014, I went to a concert I would have never expected to see. Pearl Jam played their first show ever in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and I was lucky enough to use a ticket that was intended for my husband. My husband had to go out of town last minute and our friend (who is a member of the exclusive TEN club) had floor tickets for the two of them. To be honest, I had no business having a space among the die hard Pearl Jam fans on the floor of the BOK Center, seeing as I'm most familiar with their album TEN, that was originally released in 1991 when I was ten years old. Even though I didn't know as much of their more recent tracks until the concert, I didn't need to be a member of the fan club to be captivated by Eddie Vedder and his band that night. What I didn't realize is that Eddie Vedder would teach me a few things about myself, about birth, and about business that night.

Don't Follow The Rules

It was a concert like none others I've attended, and I've been to some good ones. Pearl Jam didn't get to where they are today by following the rules or by doing things the way everyone else does. That evening, there was no opening band. Pearl Jam just owned the night. Eddie Vedder sipped from a bottle of wine instead of water, and shared it with the fans while he passed out tambourines to many of them. He talked to us from the stage like we were his high school buddies and had the lights turned on for each occasion so he could see us. The packed out stadium felt like a closely knit family. In fact, Eddie came into the crowd on multiple occasions and had his fans hoist him up in the middle of the arena as he performed "Porch." Then, after nearly THREE hours of performing, he pulled a 13 year old kid up on stage who was celebrating his birthday. The kid, who was wearing a "The Who" shirt, got to bang a tambourine and share a microphone with Eddie, while he sang along as the band played The Who's "Baba O'Reiley." 

"The Blood Moon Rises"

"The Blood Moon Rises"

Be Unique

I started writing this blog post this morning as I was inspired by the concert poster from that night. The poster is a unique piece of artwork specific to that concert, in that city, on that day.

The name of the poster is "The Blood Moon Rises," and the concert was held on the same day of the total lunar eclipse which is a rare and unique occurrence. The artist paid tribute to Tulsa's Native American culture in the image. Pearl Jam is a band that has continually paved the way musically by being themselves, not by being anyone else, and that's a huge life lesson. Being unique and being yourself is of the utmost importance in life, in childbirth, and in business.


Me, Birth and Business

I'm reminded of the importance of uniqueness as I march along with my own goals and dreams ahead. I haven't gotten where I am today because I followed in anyone else's footsteps. I made a bold decision this year to start a company with my own name and am basically branding myself. Talk about feeling naked and vulnerable! I wrote a childbirth curriculum that is uniquely me and quite literally my heart on a page and have stepped forward to teach others how to use my material to create their own unique visions. The platform I stand on is that you, your birth and your baby are unique and you don't have to do ANYTHING like anyone else does.

The same thing goes in business. I didn't use the website designers others suggested; I figured it out myself. I hired an artist to draw a logo I had in my mind by hand rather than using a graphic designer. I'm not even following my own blogging rules in this post because what I want to say is more important than the method by which I say it. When I start looking around at what others are doing, I start second guessing myself and wondering if I need to change my path. But when I follow the beat of my own heart, the path before me is clear (albeit kinda scary) and I am successful beyond my wildest dreams. 

My Bottom Line

If there's anything Your Birth Experience stands for, it's YOU, and I will never back down on that. I'm here for the mothers that are determined to have the birth experience they want and need and for the professionals who are convinced that they and their clients deserve more than what the status quo offers. There are no rules on individuality and there are no rules on birth. There is no Big Brother looming over your business telling you it has to be a certain way. I don't know all there is to know about business but I have come a very long way by being myself, and being genuine. If I can get that bottom line into your heart, I have done my job.

Written by Missy David, the Honeybee Mama