The Doula for Doulas

Written for Your Birth Experience by September Phillips, Owner of Louisville Area Doulas

Sometimes, even doulas need a doula.

Strike that, frequently doulas need a doula.

This job, which is full of passion and fulfillmentis also hard, hard work. Not only are you constantly spending energy mentally attuning and connecting to your clients, but you’re spending the physical energy supporting them--whether it’s during labor performing the famous double hip squeezes or staying up all night with a fresh new baby while his parents get a welcomed evening of rest. Add on to all of that the fact that when you treat this work like a business, you’re also investing all of the time and energy of an entrepreneur. I can say with certainty that I am the happiest, busiest and most stressed out I have ever been as I walk this journey.

How Your Birth Experienced has Helped me Grow my Business

Enter Your Birth Experience. While I initially trained simply as a way to add childbirth education to my services and income stream, YBE has played a much bigger role in my business and personal life than I ever imagined.

Your Birth Experience has saved me time, by teaching me an amazing and adaptable curriculum that can be used in group childbirth education classes, private childbirth education classes, workshops, birth plan consultations, and doula prenatal appointments.

Rethinking Childbirth Education

I was pushed to completely rethink the way that childbirth education looks: my clients don’t need weeks and weeks of formal classroom teaching. They need someone to help them imagine the birth of their dreams and to give them concrete ways to get there and tools to cope and make decisions when things don’t go as planned. As a result I’m offering a solution that no one else in Louisville or Kentucky is offering.

The Doula for Doulas

Finally, there’s Missy. Missy has been so integral to my business self esteem, and my self esteem in general. Starting your own business at 21, while most of your friends are starting secure jobs or going to grad school is scary. But with Missy’s constant support, encouragement, and sometimes mind blowing insight I feel confident in my ability to be not only an amazing doula and educator, but an amazing business woman. It’s through that encouragement and Missy helping me figure out my vision statement that I realized that I want my clients to feel that same support and confidence in their new role as parents.

My Vision Statement for Louisville Area Doulas

I want parents to have the confidence to know that they have the ability to make decisions for their family. I love to help my clients develop a plan to achieve the pregnancy, birth and postpartum experiences that are most meaningful and positive to them by positioning them at a starting point and equipping them with appropriate information and tools to navigate their choices. This amazing journey is one that belongs only to my clients, and I happily walk beside them and support them on whichever paths they choose--just as Missy walks beside and supports me down my own path.