Your Birth Experience is like a Robot crib sheet

A Review of Your Birth Experience

Written by Emily Byford, owner of The Nest Birth Services

While my husband and I were registering for gifts for our son’s room, I was in love with the blues and grays of the nautical collection and envisioned a lovely room for him. My husband walked over with a crib sheet in his hand and it was not what I had in mind. Rather than anchors, or whales, it had robots on it. In my hormonal state, this could have been a huge fight. In my mind he was throwing out all the plans I had made for a lovely room. But, rather than hitting the ceiling in anger, I thought about it. My husband is a far more creative thinker than me. He saw no reason why we couldn't have both in the room and I realized that it still fit squarely into the color scheme I had in mind. It was the one thing he really wanted for the room and I knew that it would only be on the bed for a few days at a time before a poop explosion or diaper leak led to the need to change the sheet again. I could easily give him what he wanted, because it didn’t actually get in the way of what I wanted. All it took to determine this was clear communication and seeing things from a different perspective.

Using Your Birth Experience helps me do exactly that for my clients. I present the options available to them and give them the tools they need to see how their personality and decision-making processes speak to their birth goals so that each parter can determine what is most important to them and why. This way there is no need to be combative, just clear in communication. There is no need to have an inflexible agenda, but instead an informed plan that can be adjusted when unexpected factors arise. This program allows me to help clients synthesize their goals and desires in a way that nothing else can, and all while clearly and succinctly presenting them with all the options available to them.

I love that certifying with Your Birth Experience allows me to do more of the work I love, with less time on call or away from my family at births. It’s a proven system that sets me apart from other birth workers in my area. Like the robot crib sheet incident, it helps me get what I want, and help others get just what they want too!

Why did I choose to certify with Your Birth Experience? Because, I want to help families create positive memories by providing accurate information about their options and the possibilities of childbirth. I strive to encourage confidence in couples and combat the myth that there is only one right way to give birth by helping them create goals and devise a plan that will help them tell the unique story of their child's birth.