WICHITA, KS - Tips and Tricks for Labor

Nervous about how you'll handle labor or how your husband will support you? Come and learn some tried and true comfort measures for labor from experienced doulas! This is a great supplement to your childbirth class or as a brush up for experienced parents to get some hands on tips and tools.

Whether you're planning for a natural birth or not - you'll need comfort measures for laboring at home and/or in the hospital and you'll find these tips helpful no matter what. 

* Learn relaxation techniques to use throughout labor
* Find out what you can do right now to prepare your body for childbirth
*Hear our tips to set you up for a successful birth experience
* Practice tried and true comfort measures
* Give your support person the chance to learn and practice these techniques
* Try out different positions for birth that will be helpful in the home/hospital
* Learn about the rebozo and how it can be used as a tool during labor
* Tips for a slow or stalled labor
*Receive a full color booklet of comfort measures with pictures of comfort techniques and useful positions

You don't want to miss this hands on practice that will provide you with the tools you need to stay focused during labor. Bring your support person so they can learn and practice before the big day. We look forward to teaching you our labor tips & tricks!

$45 class fee for you and one support person
Registration is open and space is limited! 

Photo credit: 9 Sparrow Lane