Kim Smith

Queen City Doulas & Co.

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

YBE Childbirth Educator Kim Smith

YBE Childbirth Educator: Kim Smith, Doula, IBCLC, CYBE

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Services: Doula, Childbirth Education, Breastfeeding Support 

Vision Statement:

"I help families discover and develop harmony by offering individualized resources to meet their unique needs. I am passionate about providing a broad and holistic array of resources that are accurate and accessible so that every component of the family unit is healthy and happy.”

YBE brings a way of identifying needs and desires that clients did not even know they had. There are elements of preparing for and giving birth that are not given the time and attention that they deserve. These elements can have a long lasting impact on the way parents view their birth experience, even more so than the actual birth outcomes. YBE does birth preparation different than birth has been done before.
— Kim Smith, Your Birth Experience Childbirth Educator

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