Your Breastfeeding Experience Parent Guide


Your Breastfeeding Experience Parent Guide


Your Breastfeeding Experience is one of the long awaited additions to the YBE Childbirth Education Curriculum! Incorporating the same holistic approach you love about the Your Birth Experience guide, the breastfeeding curriculum offers a simple and understandable explanation of the normal breastfeeding relationship, as well as tools to help you set satisfying and realistic goals for you and your family. 

Your Breastfeeding Experience Chapters include:

1. Introduction to Your Breastfeeding Experience

2. Do I really need a baby feeding plan?

3. Envisioning Your Breastfeeding Experience

4. Understanding the Breastfeeding Lifestyle

  • Humans as Mammals
  • Mother-baby Relationship and Milk Composition
  • How Milk is Made & The Milk Production Cycle
  • Anatomy & Vocabulary of the Breast
  • Initiating Breastfeeding After Delivery
  • Stages of Infant Consciousness & Hunger Cues
  • How Long, How Often to Nurse & How to Know Your Baby is Getting Enough
  • Breastfeeding Positions
  • Anatomy of a Good Latch
  • Burping
  • Being Away from Baby

5. Preparing for Your Breastfeeding Experience

  • 5 Steps to a Better Breastfeeding Experience
  • Preparing Physically, Mentally and Emotionally for Breastfeeding

6. Navigating Your Breastfeeding Experience & Understanding Your Options

  • Immediate Skin-to-skin After Delivery
  • Days 1-3 Postpartum
  • Supplementing Breastmilk & Safe Formula Feeding
  • Days 4-7 Postpartum
  • Days 7-14 Postpartum
  • Days 14-6 Weeks Postpartum
  • Nighttime Sleeping Arrangements
  • Breast Pumps

7. Appendix and Resources

8. Communicating Your Breastfeeding Preferences

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