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CYBE Your Birth Experience Childbirth Educator Sarah Coffin Tulsa

YBE Childbirth Educator: Sarah Coffin, BSBA, HCHI, CD(DONA), HCHD, CYBE, CHBE

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Services: Antepartum, Birth & Postpartum Doula Services, Belly Binding, Childbirth, Breastfeeding & New Parent Classes, Placenta Encapsulation, Belly Henna Art

Vision Statement:

"Tulsa Family Doulas was founded to positively impact growing families in our community by transforming what can be known as an overwhelming time during pregnancy, birth and life with a newborn, into an empowering one.  

We provide highly trained, professional doulas whose primary goal is to over-deliver with compassionate enthusiasm.

Being the most respected brand of doulas in Tulsa and surrounding areas, our mission is to increase confidence in birth and in parenting for every family we serve. To accomplish that mission, every service we offer is centered on providing tangible skills to educate and pamper our clients, reduce postpartum depression, enhance bonding with their new baby, and easily adjust to a new normal.

We understand that a woman is more than just a belly and a birth and honor your whole family while being your strongest supporter." 

I own an agency and I love utilizing the YBE program so all the doulas in my agency can provide the same quality of care across the board. Providing the YBE Parent Guide to all of our birth doula clients frees up our prenatal time to get to know our clients as the individuals that they are. Our clients love reviewing the material because it affirms their individuality and prioritizes the most important aspects of their birth - them!
— Sarah Coffin, Your Birth Experience Childbirth Educator

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