YBE Equip


You've read the books, attended the doula training and you are PASSIONATE about providing emotional, physical and informational support to families during childbirth, but now you're asking yourself,

"How do I get to know my clients, find out what they want and serve them in the way they want for their birth?"

what you learn in the training

**YBE Equip is NOT a doula training and certification program. This is intended for individuals with previous training, experience or certification as a doula to gain additional tools and expertise to enhance their current doula practice.

  • See the research that pinpoints the most common Doula Business Challenges.
  • Reexamine the Doula role to better understand what exactly we do and how we impact birth and postpartum in order to know how to equip yourself to grow in your skills, service and success as a professional.
  • Explore how investing in personal growth and increasing your emotional intelligence is the KEY to improving your skills and practice. 
  • Address the pain points and pitfalls of the typical Doula prenatal appointment and identify what's NOT working for you.
  • Learn how guided imagery and visualization can help you tap into your clients' true desires for their birth experience.
  • Learn about 5 aspects of control that help you get beyond options and interventions and access what truly makes a satisfying experience for your clients.
  • Learn how to help your clients create a powerful birth vision statement that will become their personal birth affirmation.
  • Learn about personality traits and needs to help you get to know your clients on a deeper level AND empower them to communicate their needs to their partner and birth team.
  • Learn about availability bias and how it shapes medical decision-making to equip your clients to communicate with their care providers to build a collaborative relationship.
  • Walk away with a step-by-step plan and tools included in the Envisioning Your Birth Booklet for you to use for conducting prenatal appointments to connect with your clients, identify their needs and equip them for their experience.

what you get

  • Immediate Access to 2.5 hours online training in 7 Modules:
    • YBE Equip Intro - Doula Business Challenges
    • Module 1 - Reexamining the Doula Role
    • Module 2 - Addressing the Emotional Complexity of Doula Work (What is emotional intelligence and how to increase it?)
    • Module 3 - What's NOT Working?
    • Module 4 - Overcoming the Barriers to Effective Communication
    • Module 5 - Connecting with Your Clients
    • Module 6 - Identifying Your Clients' Needs
    • Module 7 - Equipping Your Clients
  • 1 Copy of the Envisioning Your Birth Workbook
  • Designation as a YBE Equipped Doula and listing on Website Directory Upon Completion of Program
  • 1 on 1 Virtual Mentoring Session with Your Trainer
  • Ability to purchase Envisioning Your Birth Workbooks at Wholesale 

Watch the YBE Equip Intro for free!

I’ve never gotten to know a client and her partner faster or easier during a prenatal...she said it was the perfect amount of information and she was already feeling so prepared for labor. And it was SO fun! While the point of YBE is to prepare our clients for their birth I really see now that this is equally as beneficial to me as their doula. Knowing their personalities, seeing them open up and interact with each other and everything I learned about them during the Envisioning Your Birth section is going to help me be that much better of a doula for them.
— Ashley Rainey www.doulaempowered.com