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Your Birth Experience Parent Guide Birth Plan Book

After Missy was highly recommended as a doula, my husband and I signed up to take the Your Birth Experience class. As first-timers to birth, we were eager to learn about what the process would really be like and what options we had. I'm particularly thankful for the class in that it started a unique line of communication between my husband and me through its various exercises. The textbook is phenomenal, and it allowed us to get to know Missy, who ended up being our amazing doula! - Terrie

This manual was an amazing educational tool for my pregnancy and for my birth! I had no idea what to expect in the hospital and because of this manual- I learned I had options and choices that I could make depending on what I (not the doctors) felt was in the best interest of my baby. I felt like this manual was unbiased and gave different bits of information so that I was empowered to make decisions. I would recommend this to a new momma or to a momma whose having her third child- either way you will definitely get something from this book. - Allie

I love this manual. It is full of unbiased information that really help you make your own decisions regarding your birth. It covers everything from preparing for birth to an extensive worksheet for making your own birth plan. It is also full of additional resources. I am very happy to have it this pregnancy and feel much better prepared than I did in past pregnancies. - Jessica

Missy knows her stuff. She walks moms-to-be through the birth preparation process with great information, presenting choices with compassion and experience. 5 stars! - Erica


I used this manual as a guide by which to write my birth plan. As a first time mom-to-be, the process was a bit intimidating, there were so many things to think about, but this manual helped make it more approachable. The manual explained the different choices, helping me make informed decisions without trying to steer me in one direction or the other. I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to create a personalized birth plan for the big day :)! - Shannon


Missy's book has been incredibly helpful to my husband and I during this process. We completed our birth plan using her book as a guide and I felt like a huge weight had been lifted when we were finished. Of all the resources/books I've looked at this pregnancy, Missy's book was the most straightforward, unbiased, and informative. We will be recommending it to all of our friends! - Emily

I loved Missy's class. She went over everything we need to know, thoroughly answered any questions we had, and kept it from feeling like a 'class'. I highly recommend this class to everyone, even if you've had many babies or taken other classes. - Jessica

Your Birth Experience Private Childbirth Preparation Class

Missy does a great job covering the most important parts of labor and delivery. Of course, everything about having a baby is important, but The Birth Experience perfectly addresses what you need to know beforehand. Having gone through the classes and having our baby, I didn't feel like anything came up during my experience that I wasn't prepared for. There's really no reason not to go. What's more important than learning about the process in which you bring your child into this world? - Melissa

So, I just asked my husband what he thought of the class and what he would say in a review for you and he said, "It was very informative, she made me feel at ease - no pressure - and she was funny. I thought it was very good." I really am so glad we took your class. I completely agree with him. You covered everything I hoped you would and I left feeling very confident that my husband will be supportive and understanding. Thank you so much for making it so relaxed and for covering everything in a way that was not overwhelming at all. Your book is really good, too, and we will definitely review it and practice as we prepare for our little one's arrival. - Christen

My husband and I loved working with Missy for our childbirth training. She spent time with us in our home to teach, talk, and demonstrate all the important elements of childbirth. It was so nice to have one on one attention and feel comfortable asking questions that we might not want to ask in another setting. It was certainly more comprehensive and meaningful than anything a simple hospital course would offer. Worth it! - Emily